Obama’s blunder is destroying America

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To the editor:
As Americans we toil daily to provide for ourselves and for our family … ah, the pursuit of happiness for many.
Some of us may be less fortunate or challenged to work for a wage so we seek outreach from other entities.  
This administration, specifically our president, has done a magnificent job of destroying what we thought we could still pursue and in turn those who need his leadership the most to lose hope; funny that Mr. Obama ran his campaign on hope and change, a transparent one as well.  All I see is opaque untruths and further division of our culture.
An analogy: Let’s say that you were given one task at work and you worked tirelessly to perfect your project and then at the end, present it to a governing body or your peers as your own.  
Fact: Mr. Obama introduces The Affordable Health Care Act. He’s taken on only one task while in office and we can now name and envision the hundreds of blunders and failures of his solo project and everything else he has touched.
We have got to let these politicians know that they work for us, we don’t toil for them and they are not allowed to destroy our America.
Kenneth Rue