Odd park critter draws humorous, curious guesses from Facebook friends

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By The Staff

What the heck is that thing?
That’s what we asked those who like us on Facebook after a police officer shared a surveillance camera photo of an animal passing through the county park.
The response was significant, with 51 people posting guesses and others sharing the photo with their own Facebook friends.
As one would imagine the guesses were all over the map, including guesses ranging from aardvark and anteater along with a host smarty-pants remarks, jokes and even a mythical creature that had folks, including us, scrambling for Google to figure out what it is.
“It’s a wallaby, mate!” guessed Steve Pearce, a thought echoed by Brandi Archdale who said it’s “a lost wallaby.”
“Mongoose?” questioned Kasey Nowlin Briscoe, followed a guess by Gina Rue that it’s an armadillo.
Lindsey Carter Barnett, Bobby Widener, Barb Snyder, Shannon Halvorson, Kenyon Fugate and George Rob Schott all surmised that it’s a black cat, with Widener referencing its pointy ears and adding that it’s about to “poop,” a guess backed up by Sandy Warner who said it “looks like a cat about to do its business.”
Jamie Goodlett also guessed cat, adding, “Then again, it could be the hillbilly beast.”
Darren Hudman conjured up images of Bugs Bunny by guessing it’s the “Tasmanian Devil,” and Dan Martin tossed in a Star Wars-based theme that it’s “Jabba the Hut.”
Linda Curry and Bari Lyn Simmons got creative and guessed that it’s a “cat-coon” or a “rat-coon,” and Tyler Humphrey chimed in by saying, “OMG, it’s a baby bigfoot.”
Cynthia Carlson got a little spacey by saying, “Is it of this earth or delivered here? Hmm. My guess is a wallaby that got fired from Outback and foraging in the park for his next meal.”
Melinda Earlywine said, “Gosh, I never heard of them being here but it looks like a baby aardvark.”
Tiff N Bucka Goodlett guessed that it’s a turtle.
Donald Leathers really got the ball rolling, saying, “It looks like a Chupacabra.”
We had no idea what that meant, but a quick online search revealed that a Chupacabra is “a legendary cryptid rumored to inhabit parts of the Americas. It is associated more recently with sightings of an allegedly unknown animal in Puerto Rico (where these sightings were first reported), Mexico, and the United States, especially in the latter’s Latin American communities.
“The name comes from the animal’s reported habit of attacking and drinking the blood of livestock, especially goats,” according to information found on Wikipedia.
Ken Littlefield said it doesn’t appear to be “from anywhere near where I live and I gotta laugh at all the different guesses.”
He and others, including Bonnie McAuley Wickizer, Lisa N Faleasi Tuala, Amanda Mullins, Joy Cricket Cook and Mark Wells, all agreed with Leathers.
Then there were those who didn’t guess but simply “liked” the photo, including Joani and Steve Clark of Lawrenceburg, Marie Wirfs of Oak Harbor, Wash., Aimee Leonard of Capitol High School in Arizona and Missy Cook Gaines of Kentucky State University.
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