A once-in-a-century birthday

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Sixth grader to turn 12 on 12-12-12

By Meaghan Downs

A birthday like this comes once every 100 years.
Kaitlyn Reed, a sixth grader at Anderson County Middle School, has known this for a while.
She knew about it when she turned 9. She knew about it when she turned 10. According to her mother Kathryn Reed, Kaitlyn even talked about it after celebrating her 11th birthday last year.
Born on Dec. 12, 2000, Kaitlyn will turn 12 on 12-12-12.
“I always do, but not as excited as I am right now,” Kaitlyn said when asked if she’s excited to celebrate her 12th birthday. “Because it’s on 12-12-12.”
Dec. 12 is a special birthday Kaitlyn has been talking about for years, her mother Kathryn Reed said.
“This really is a big deal for her,” Kathryn said.
Despite the excitement, Kaitlyn said she isn’t planning on a big celebration for her birthday, though she does hope she receives an iPod and a Northface jacket.
Her mom said they talked about connecting the “12 days of Christmas” with a “12 days of birthday” theme, but decided not to in the end.
“She’s just going to have some friends over and hang out,” Kathryn said.
Kaitlyn said she would probably remember this birthday more than other birthdays.
“She feels very special,” Kathryn said.
Born in Anderson County, Kaitlyn is a daughter of Kathryn and Eddie Reed.
She is a member of the Anderson County Middle School Beta Club and plays the clarinet in the sixth grade band. Kaitlyn is also a member of First Baptist Church, where she enjoys performing in drama productions.
Kaitlyn’s mother said Kaitlyn hopes to be an architect when she grows up, and enjoys reading, writing, drama productions, community outreach projects and recess.
It will be 2112 before the calendar shows another 12-12-12 date.

Who else is celebrating 12-12-12?
Dec. 12, 2012 isn’t just a special day for Kaitlyn Reed.
Anderson County eighth grader Braxton Bostic will celebrate his 13th birthday and eighth grader Devon Sizemore will celebrate his 14th birthday on Dec. 12.
Braxton will probably celebrate his birthday by hunting at Great Wolf Lodge, his mother Whitney Bostic said.
Devon’s mother Wendy Richardson said Devon and his sister, who also celebrates a birthday in December, ‘can’t wait’ for Christmas and birthday gifts, so they’ve been getting them in advance.
Devon will probably celebrate his birthday Dec. 12 with cake and a few gifts, Richardson said.
Emma B. Ward Elementary also has two students celebrating birthdays on 12-12-12: third grader Paige Serafini, who will be 8, and fifth grader Camden Nicholson, who will be 10.
Alan Beghtol will turn 50 on 12-12-12, his wife Yvonne Beghtol said via e-mail.
Yvonne said they held a party for Alan on the weekend, and had toyed with the idea of  “dozen” theme or ‘roaring ’50s.
Anderson County Middle School Principal Gina Fultz said via e-mail that the sixth grade teams will participate in activities related to 12-12-12 all day, as well as the seventh grade language arts classes.