OUTDOORS: House Bill 1 protects hunting and fishing rights

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Modern gun season opens Nov. 10

By Jeff Lilly

If you’re reading my column this month I hope that within a week of doing so you intend to head to the polls to cast your vote in our next election. I try not to get too political when writing since this is an “outdoor column” but some things just have to be included here especially since the following relates to every person in Kentucky who hunts and fishes. 

One big issue that we will have a vote on in Kentucky is the amendment to the state constitution to protect our hunting and fishing rights.  The Kentucky Hunting and Fishing Question, also known as House Bill 1, is to appear on the November 6th, 2012 ballot in Kentucky for voters to choose.  The ballot language should be as follows:

Are you in favor of amending the Kentucky Constitution to state that the citizens of Kentucky have the personal right to hunt, fish, and harvest wildlife, subject to laws and regulations that promote conservation and preserve the future of hunting and fishing, and to state that public hunting and fishing shall be a preferred means of managing and controlling wildlife? Yes No.

That is pretty simple and to the point. The obvious answer is “yes” for those of us outdoorsmen and women who are tired of PETA and other anti-hunting organizations trying to take away our family heritage and  what a lot of us consider a God-given right. Even those of you who don’t hunt and fish but faithfully read my column each month can vote yes in order to have continued management and control of our wildlife. Idaho and Nebraska are two states that also have this same type of amendment on their 2012 ballot come Election Day. Several other states across the country already have or are currently working on following suit to pass such an amendment to their respective constitutions.

The National Rifle Association has a great tool on their website that will help voters understand the candidates and their positions on gun control and shooting sports. Check it out.


Youth hunt weekend

Whether you hunt or not, there’s no mistaking when deer season starts in the Bluegrass State and especially in Anderson County. All those wonderful smiling faces of hunters posed with their latest harvests splattered all over The Anderson News. I love it and try to add to the pictures every chance I can. With that being written, I want to add a picture to this week’s edition of my niece Teagan and her first deer she harvested on opening day of the latest Kentucky Youth Hunt.  Teagan did a great job with her shot placement while hunting with her dad, Keith Lilly, Uncle Jeff and Paw Paw (Darrell) at the Lilly Farm. 

She was able to harvest her second deer before the weekend season closed.  Congrats to “T-bird” and all the youth who harvested deer during the youth only weekend. These young hunters harvesting deer and smiling for the camera are justification alone for voting “yes” on House Bill 1 don’t you think?


Deer season

Kentucky’s modern firearm deer season opens Saturday, Nov. 10 and runs thru Sunday, Nov. 25 in  Zone 1 and 2 counties.  Anderson is a Zone 1 county as are all bordering counties except Nelson and Mercer (Zone 2). Kentucky has a total of four zones with differing dates for hunting and harvests so always check the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources before going afield. 


Quick shots

*Hunt safe. 

*Due to the Thanksgiving Holiday and most of the Lilly men deer hunting in Kentucky and West Virginia most all of next month there more than likely won’t be a true November Outdoor Column from me. Call it taking time away from the computer to do some research. Be sure and send in plenty of those harvest pictures so John Herndon and Ben Carlson can put them in The Anderson News.  I’ll hopefully have more pictures from our Kentucky and West Virginia hunts to share upon our return. 


Take a kid hunting and fishing soon!

See ya outside! 


Jeff Lilly is an outdoors columnist for The Anderson News. E-mail him at news@theandersonnews.com.