Parent offended by prayer policy

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This past Friday night at our high school football game I had the opportunity to join a group of people that wanted to pray. Our right to pray is under attack and those that are in leadership roles are not standing up for us. They are hiding behind excuses and running scared from the ACLU. Does praying really offend them? Does it really offend you? You say, yes? That is your right.
You can choose to be offended. When did we start living in a world that we feel like we shouldn’t be offended? You know what offends me? Ignorance offends me. I can’t call the ACLU when someone says something ignorant. I would be on the phone all of the time.
It is being said our football team can have a player lead them in prayer but not a coach, not an adult, not a chaplain. I find that offensive. That basically tells me that they are not being permitted to have role model, a mature mentor, to encourage them. What is wrong with that? The players that don’t need that don’t have to participate. Those that may benefit and become encouraged from these people are being denied this opportunity simply because someone is scared to stand up.
I wish the ACLU would take an interest in real problems that face our school system. I wish they would attack the drugs that are running rampant. I wish they would attack social media that is corrupting our children. I wish they would attack sexting. I wish they would attack bullying. I wish they would attack the real issues that our kids face and not attack the only thing that is going to sustain them. Maybe this is really a blessing though. You tell someone they can’t do something and then they really want to do it. This was evident Friday night as hundreds joined in prayer.
I will never tolerate anyone telling me that someone can’t pray with my kids. I am my child’s advocate. I am an also an advocate for Christ.
 If I don’t stand up for the right to have a Christ follower lead my kids, your kids in prayer then I would be offending God.
Dawn Leoso Duncan