Pavers offered to help build Kentucky National Guard memorial

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By The Staff

The Kentucky National Guard Memorial Fund is offering individuals and organizations from across Kentucky the opportunity to pave the way to a sacred space and become part of the Kentucky National Guard Memorial effort by purchasing a personalized engraved paver, according to a news release.
The pavers will be placed at the entrance to the memorial when it is constructed and proceeds will go toward construction costs.
The memorial will create a sacred space for the families and comrades to remember the fallen and a way to honor all of those who have served. The memorial will become a classroom for hundreds of school groups every year and generations to come to learn the most important lessons of Kentucky and American history, according to the news release.
The memorial will recognize Kentucky National Guard members who died while in the line of duty since March 19, 1912, when the state of Kentucky made an official name change from the Kentucky State Guard to the Kentucky
National Guard. To date, 465 potential names have been discovered that may one day be honored on the memorial and 146 have been confirmed for inclusion.
Individual pavers are $100 each and can honor a living person or be placed in memory of a deceased person. Miniature replica pavers are available at $20 each.
“The individual pavers offer an excellent way for current and former Kentucky Guard members to be recognized and honored for their service,” said John Trowbridge, chair of the Memorial Fund.
“My wife has purchased a paver on my behalf and I have purchased one honoring my son’s service. I can think of no finer way to honor and thank someone for their service.”
Organization pavers, 8 by 8 inches, are $500 each and may be purchased by veteran organizations, civic groups, businesses and city or county governments, Miniature replica pavers will be available at $20 each.
Twenty-nine counties, one business and six individuals and one veteran’s organization have already purchased pavers.
Pavers will be fabricated during the construction phase and will be installed prior to the dedication. The timing of this is dependent on raising the necessary funds for construction.
Pavers may be purchased online at
Pavers may be purchased by mail by using the form available here: http://www.guardmemorial.com/KYNG_Memorial_Paver_Application.pdf.
To learn more visit: guardmemorial.com or on Facebook at facebook.com/kyngmemorial.