Payback is a …

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Family, friends turn tables on notorious prankster


A woman known by friends, family and coworkers to be among Anderson County’s foremost pranksters received her just deserts last Friday afternoon.
The conspirators — who out of fear of retribution spoke on the condition of anonymity —took Cheri Johnson’s car from behind where she works on Main Street, parked it in front of the county courthouse and plastered it with Post-it notes before wrapping it in several layers of industrial-strength cellophane.
According to one person involved in the prank, Johnson earned what she got and is going to get even more as her 50th birthday approaches on April 23.
“Cheri has pulled a prank on every person dear to her, and on her big birthday, her nieces, nephews, dear friends and brothers and sisters got her back, and she deserved it.”
Johnson’s daughter, Monica, played a part in the prank by taking her mother out to lunch, giving those involved a chance to do their dirty work.
Around 1 p.m., Johnson spotted her wrapped-up car in front of the courthouse and immediately began looking for the culprits.
She didn’t find any, but there were plenty of people willing to share a laugh at her expense. Her sister and mom sat in a car on the other side of the Main Street, pointing and laughing while her daughter walked around snapping photos of her disbelieving mother.
Friends and coworkers drove by, honking their horns and shouting, “You deserve it,” as they passed.
Former mayor Bob Thompson saw the commotion while driving by and stopped to watch as Johnson struggled to remove layer after layer of the cellophane from her car.
One woman said it was important to play the gag a week before Johnson’s birthday because she is traveling out of town this week.
“She thinks she outsmarted everyone by going out of town for her birthday,” the woman said. “That’s why we had to strike a little early.”
And, the woman said, there is more to come.
“She thinks it may be over, but it’s not,” she said. “Let the games begin.”
Those involved said they thoroughly enjoyed watching Johnson get pranked, and enjoyed even more the fact that she has no idea exactly who did it.
“For all she knows, it could be anybody.”