Pipeline opponents resorting to fear tactics

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To the editor:
I’m quite tired of all the hysteria surrounding the Bluegrass Pipeline.
Neighboring states like Ohio are participating in the next American energy revolution and actually celebrating new tax revenue from the transport of natural gas and its byproducts coming from the Utica and Marcellus shale. For once, we are overtaking radical regimes as top producers of energy.
Environmentalists are not and will never be on board with any energy unless it’s all solar and wind (not feasible). They haven’t had much luck with shutting down the new shale drilling that’s helping reduce our dependence on foreign oil. What they’re attempting to do now is smother the shale revolution in its infancy by creating fear in areas like Kentucky that could play a role by helping to transport our new domestic energy.
We can look at all the facts and enjoy the monetary benefits, or we can listen to people who will never accept reasonable choices for our energy needs.
Ed Willoughby