Police encourage shoppers to ‘Cram the Cruiser’

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Non-perishable food items to be delivered through Open Hands


After helping lead Spencer County to a dominating win in last year’s Cram the Cruiser program, Trooper Scott Felder says now it’s Anderson County’s turn to win.
“Spencer got three times as much last year as anybody else,” said Felder, who was assigned to the Taylorsville area but now works here. “The community put forth a good effort, but now it’s time to win here in Lawrenceburg.”
The real winners, he said, will be those who need food during the holidays, and that’s what Cram the Cruiser is all about. The idea is to have Walmart shoppers purchase non-perishable food items and place them in any of the four shopping carts in the store with “Cram the Cruiser” posters on them. Those items will then be packed into a Kentucky State Police car parked in front of the store until it’s filled, and repeated as often as possible.
Felder said he hopes to have a patrol car parked at Kroger, too, noting that all of the food collected here, stays here.
“That’s the biggest thing, that all of the food stays right here in the community,” Felder said, noting that it will be distributed through Open Hands Food Pantry, located on Industry Road. “It’s not going to Franklin County or Spencer County, it stays right here.”
Felder said those wishing to donate should make sure what they purchase is non-perishable.
Although the goal is to collect food, Felder said Walmart shoppers have also already begun to donate toys. He said that’s fine, and that he and his fellow police officers simply want to make sure those in need receive help.
“If we know of a family that needs something, we want to try and help them,” he said.
Cram the Cruiser will continue through Dec. 12, Felder said.