Police investigating after Turner sub dismissed

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By Shannon Brock

By Shannon Mason Brock

Staff Writer

A substitute teacher was dismissed from a classroom at Robert B. Turner Elementary School last Wednesday because of “inappropriate and unprofessional behavior,” said Anderson County Schools Superintendent Kim Shaw.

“Her behavior and actions weren’t what we expect from teachers and substitute teachers,” Shaw said. “She is no longer on the substitute teacher list in the district.”

Shaw said he could not release the woman’s name or specific behavior because the situation is currently under investigation by the Lawrenceburg Police Department, as well as social services.

This is the first year the woman has been a substitute in the district, Shaw said.

She was a substitute for the fifth grade at Turner, which is divided up into four classes. The classes are on a rotation schedule, and all four had rotated through her classroom before Turner Principal Wayne Reese was notified of the situation, Shaw said.

The woman exhibited inappropriate behavior with each group of students, but the severity of the behavior escalated throughout the day, Shaw said.

“The majority of these actions occurred later on in the day with the last group (of students),” he said.

Once Reese was notified of the situation, he investigated and asked the woman to leave, Shaw said.

According to Officer Nathan Doty, who is investigating the case for the Lawrenceburg Police Department, the woman was let go around noon.

A letter was sent home to parents the following school day notifying them of the incident, Shaw said.

A letter could not be sent home the day of the incident because Reese spent the afternoon talking to students, getting their statements and making sure he had accurate information, Shaw said. By the time all that was completed, school was out for the day, so the letters were sent home Thursday.

Doty said he is currently making his way through the students’ statements and the investigation is pending.

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