Politicians happy with ‘gravy trains’

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To the editor:
Over half the politicians on Capitol Hill are millionaires. The majority of them were not millionaires when they were elected to Congress. As they got richer, citizens got poorer. That simple inverse relationship reveals the only real threat to America and our way of life.
For example, millionaire politicians produced the half-baked policies that spawned our $17.3 trillion debt. Our bellicose foreign policy is a salient example of a half-baked policy, and it raises an obvious question. Is there any reason to believe that it was implemented more intelligently than the Affordable Care Act? No reason whatsoever.
During the last decade, thousands of maiming wounds and flag-covered coffins and trillions of tax dollars spent with nothing of lasting significance achieved confirm that one was not implemented any better than the other.
What happen to the checks and balances meant to prevent half-baked policies like the two policies just mentioned? Easy answer. No ideological differences separate Democrat and Republican millionaires. The differences they profess to have are on-camera, in-public differences. Legislative outcomes unveil their harmony. The proof is in the pudding. Simply put, they are a collective sham. They make Bernard Madoff look like a penny-ante, bumbling amateur.
Moreover, the buck does not always stop in the Oval Office. Presidents Bush and Obama are not responsible for the only real threat to our way of life. They are both guilty of incompetent leadership in the first degree, but the blame for the only real threat to the America envisioned by our founding fathers must be directed to where it constitutionally belongs, the House of Representatives.
True, Obama has a “pen and phone.” He cannot pay for that pen or pay that phone bill with taxpayer dollars until those payments are authorized in the House of Representatives.
The millionaire politicians in Congress have long demonstrated that they will not voluntarily step down from their gravy trains. Only voters can end their self-serving reign and turn back the only real threat to America, and such an action would not cost any lives, inflict maiming wounds, or waste trillions of taxpayer dollars.
Shafter Bailey