Proclaiming dismay over library, Obama

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To the editor:
I would like to thank Ben Carlson for enlightening all of us about the money being spent by our public library. Furthermore, as we have learned, some folks there like skating around the legal ramifications concerning tax dollars.
Well, let’s not blame them totally for their incompetence because the resident in the White House on Pennsylvania Avenue claims that award.
If there’s a problem – throw money at it – daily! Leading by example and the current state by which this administration operates and delegates via government agencies is on a racecourse to economic disaster. The librarian trustees want us to be silent upon entering their domain but spending our tax dollars foolishly should not go unnoticed by this community.
Since last November, I have remained silent about the presidential election — not so much to family and friends but authoring opinions. What I notice sickens me, and stories like our local library and its refusal to abide by the rule of law, and nationally — our inept president — is my right as an individual to proclaim my dismay.
I griped about this administration during term one and term two is just a carbon copy of poor leadership and total disregard of country’s foundational principles.
The naming of Susan Rice to a national security post did it for me – when you screw up, you move up but at least you have a video that you can review on Youtube every day to remind you just how wonderful your boss is.
Mr. Bush, if your reading – thank you for being a president. Although you caused hurricanes and tsunamis at least you exhibited class and refrained from “in your face” tactics to the American people.
Kenneth Rue