Proposed business not compatible with history of Mill Creek Pike area

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To the editor:
The intent of the agricultural (A-1) zoning district is to preserve, promote and protect the rural character of the land and significant natural features. It is also to promote the general welfare, safety, and lessen traffic congestion for the citizens of Anderson County.
On Thursday, Sept. 20 at 7 p.m., there is a public hearing held by the Anderson County Board of Zoning Adjustment. A request for a Conditional Use Permit within an A-1 agricultural zoning district was initiated by the purchaser of a large farm, which divided the historical Bond Estate that pre-dates the Civil War era. The purchased farmland includes the Bond family cemetery.
The request for the Conditional Use Permit is for a real estate and construction business/office. It appears that the office building has already been built on the farm next to Bond’s historic antebellum house off Mill Creek Pike.
The new driveway is located off a section of the state road that is known to have precarious safety issues related to a very steep hill with blind spots and tight S curves. Many of the neighbors that have made this area their home have recently encountered large construction trucks, and are concerned for their safety along this narrow road with no defined shoulders.
The Bond Estate House and Mill Creek Pike, which use to be called “Bonds Mill” road, is within walking distance from the Four Roses Distillery.
Last week, Four Roses Distillery celebrated a grand opening of its multi-million dollar visitor center and is expecting 50,000 national, international and interstate visitors yearly. This contributes significantly to our state and local economy. Many of these visitors leave the distillery and drive along the scenic Mill Creek Pike because of it natural beauty and rural farm land. Equally important are the Anderson county residents who also travel these rural roads, and have for many generations, to enjoy the beauty and solitude of the Salt River at Rice Crossings.
Many days, children and others are seen fishing off the bridge next to the distillery dam on Mill Creek Pike.
This area needs to be preserved for Anderson County citizens and future generations. Presently, the zoning ordinances cannot stop the development of residential homes. However, it can and should stop the development of businesses that are not compatible with the current road structure, the aesthetics of the agricultural lands, the recreational use of the Salt River, and the significant historical value in the area. This is a treasure to all Anderson county residents.
If this Conditional Use Permit is approved, it will forever impair the integrity and character of our rural community that is enjoyed by many individuals. Hopefully, the zoning board will rule in favor of promoting the overall safety for its citizens, the visitors that come into our community, and to preserve what we currently have.
The zoning board should not approve Conditional Use permits for businesses that are not compatible in agriculture districts. They should be required to be developed or stay within districts that are zoned for business. Community interests, safety and green space preservation should be the priority.

Ellenore Callan