Prove your love with photos

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By Meaghan Downs

You probably know the saying before I form the sentence on my lips.
A picture is worth a thousand words.
Every week in The Anderson News — in every article and every column — I use hundreds, maybe even a thousands of words to describe everything happening in Anderson County.
It’s no secret that I love words: I wouldn’t be much of a writer if I hid from them.  
But for the month of February I wanted to show my love for Anderson County through a special photo series, “Why We Love Anderson County.”   
And I’m asking you, the reader, for a little help.
Starting Feb. 3, I’m going to strive to make it my goal — nay my mission — to take a photo every day of the people, places and activities that represent the things I love about living in Anderson County.
February, I suppose, is a month all about love.
Why not show love for where you live, eat and work?
I didn’t grow up in Anderson County like many of you; I moved to Anderson County about two years ago.
Two years is a blip. A blink.
Only enough time to scratch the surface of what makes Anderson County tick, and what the county’s residents find important.
Two years, however, have taught me that some of my favorite things to photograph include the candid shots, emotions unplanned and smiles genuine and not frozen in poses.
Like the Pack 38 Pinewood Derby (see our photo page on A8) and capturing the agony and ecstasy of triumph and defeat playing out so vividly on each cub scout’s face.
I can’t always easily pinpoint why I find something important, why in that moment I see something I wish desperately that I had a camera in my hands:  
The illuminated Anderson County courthouse clock in the pre-sunrise darkness before I arrive at work.
An embrace of a mother and son during a memorial service.
I’ll be posting photos nearly every day on The Anderson News’ Facebook page and on Twitter (which, if you are interested in following the “Why We Love Anderson County” series on Twitter, my handle is @ANewsMDowns. I tweet about Anderson County news, food, long form journalism and, more often than not, Downton Abbey.)
Every week I’ll be gathering photo submissions from readers, and publishing as many photos as there is room in a subsequent print edition of The Anderson News. Of course, photos will be available to view in slideshow form on our website at www.theandersonnews.com.
If you’d like to be a part of the project and show other readers why you love Anderson County, please send high-resolution photos as JPEG file attachments in an email to mdowns@theandersonnews.com.
Tell me what makes the people, place or event important enough for you to photograph. Let me know why this picture represents for your love for our community, specifically the Anderson County community.
You don’t have to be a professional or hobby photographer to contribute to the series. Email suggestions of what places, people or events you love about Anderson County.
Let’s celebrate what’s great about the county not just through a thousand words, but through images, too.

Questions about the “Why We Love Anderson County” photo series? Call staff writer Meaghan Downs at 502-839-6906 or send her an email to mdowns@theandersonnews.com.