Public officials have duty to represent

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To the editor:
Two years ago, my husband turned 65 and registered for Medicare. In November of the same year, he had hip surgery.
After the surgery, we received a $61,000 doctors’ bill. After contacting Medicare, I found they had made a mistake on the effective date. After weeks of pleading with Social Security to correct the error, I turned to our congressmen and senators.
On Aug. 22, 2010, I wrote letters to representatives. Ben Chandler called on Aug. 24 asking how he could help. After sharing our situation, he promised to get it resolved. Two days later, Chandler’s office informed me the error had been corrected. I didn’t receive a call from our senators for two more weeks.
When the day is done, our representatives should represent and help us when we ask. Ben Chandler responded expeditiously. I appreciate when people keep their promises, don’t you?
Ginger Sanders