Puppy Torturer article not allowing comments - why?

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Mrs. P
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I read the online story about the puppy torturer, but when I tried to comment it said that the comment period was closed for that article. Why is it so difficult on this website to voice an opinion? When the website wasn't very good (prior to the last two changes), it was at least interactive.

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Puppy killer

Some people have commented on how people have gone off on the puppy killer and would not go off if it was a child. Well they are WRONG. Anyone who would do that to a poor pup would do it to a child and the outrage would be worse than you think. I think it is a shame for Dearinger to only be charged with second-degree misdemeanor That is like slapping him on the hand and saying " Now don't do that again" Some people consider their animals their children. Animals do not ask much from the owner Just to be loved, sheltered and fed but they give so much back in return.

Shannon Brock
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Comments are now enabled.

Hi Mrs. P,

Comments have been enabled on the puppy story. I apologize and assure you that comments were not intentionally disabled. This has been corrected. Thanks for letting us know about the issue.