Put marijuana to work in Kentucky

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To the editor:
There are two bills coming up in January for our representatives to vote on and you need to let them know where you stand.   
The first, is sponsored by state Sen. Clark, is to legalize medical marijuana. This herb can help cancer and glaucoma patients and so many more that, with research, the possibilities are unknown.
The second bill, HB286, lets farmers grow industrial hemp. If you are a farmer and are looking for a way back to prosperity, let state Agriculture Commissioner Comer know you support this. No jobs would be lost; police and DEA would be responsible for making sure crops are grown correctly and that no ingredients are added to medical marijuana to keep people addicted, like tobacco companies did.
There would be taxes, licenses and prosperity.  Companies would be built to turn industrial hemp into cloth, rope, paper, etc.  If you want more information, contact Gatewood’s Army or others already mentioned.   Let’s get off the Oxycontin train and get rid of the drug dealers.
Alcohol Prohibition did not work, and marijuana prohibition is not working.
Let’s put this herb to work in Kentucky.
Research for yourself before judging.
Sally Bowman