Questions posed for ECC building sale detractor

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Editor’s note: The following is in response to an article in last week’s paper that included comments on the sale of the old Early Childhood Center by Ed Ruggles.

To the editor:
I agree with Mr. Ruggles that it would not be good to have another tax increase of any kind. However, Mr. Ruggles, what would people here in Anderson County who elected the board like to see done with the ECC building?
Would you like to see it sit empty for few years? Maybe a flea market? Maybe a hangout for teenagers at night to get into trouble?
Maybe somewhere on the seven acres that drug deals could happen?
Could you tell me of another school in which most of the children live in Anderson County, most of the teachers are in this area, and the head of our school is the Lord Jesus Christ?
Who, after years of praying answered the teachers’, parents’ and students’ prayers so we would have a school building of our own. We went through the process when the ECC sealed bid was turned in and our bid was accepted by the board. Again, the head of our school was on the job. The Lord Jesus Christ answering out prayers. No other bids where turned in.
Now, Mr. Ruggles, I have a question for you. Which would you rather see, and I quote “Seventy-five thousand dollars pennies on the value” or shabby old building?
My name is Naomi Ruth Dunn and I am proud to have a grandson that has been attending Christian Academy of Lawrenceburg from kindergarten and he is in ninth grade. CAL is proud to be in the old ECC building and I know that our headmaster Mr. Carmichael invites anyone to come and tour our school.
We have been blessed.
Naomi Ruth Dunn