Ready to ‘Deal’

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By The Staff


Wanda Waldridge of Salvisa appeared on the popular game show "Deal or No Deal" both Monday and Tuesday nights.

Waldridge originally thought the episodes in which she was scheduled to appear would run at the end of this month. But when her cell phone started ringing Monday night, she quickly found out that wasn't the case.

"I wasn't even at home," Waldridge said, adding that her friends and family kept calling to tell her she was on TV.

Waldridge said three of the five episodes she was a part of have already aired, but she is not sure when the others will air.

Because the half-hour version of the show is syndicated, Waldridge said officials with the show couldn't tell her exactly when the episodes would air.

"Each network puts it on whenever they put it on," she said, adding she figured up the original dates herself based on episode numbers.

Waldridge received a notice saying the episodes, which were filmed in Los Angeles, would air in L.A. on Nov. 10.

"Apparently they started on Nov. 10 here, too," she said.

The format of the syndicated version of "Deal or No Deal" is different than the prime-time show. Both versions are hosted by Howie Mandel, but with the half-hour version, there are five episodes each week, and instead of $1 million, the largest amount a contestant can win is $500,000. There are only two models, and the rest of the briefcases are held by prospective contestants.

“I hold a case and Howie spins a wheel,” Waldridge told The Anderson News this summer after finding out she’d been selected to appear on the show. “If it stops on the number of my briefcase I am selected to play.”

As to whether Waldridge was selected to play, viewers will have to watch the show to find out.

Waldridge and her family flew to L.A. in August for filming.