Recycling building bids meet fiscal court’s budget

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Magistrates to check bids, award contract

By Ben Carlson

It appears the fiscal court will build a new recycling building after all.
All but one of the six bids that were opened during last Tuesday night’s fiscal court meeting were at or below the amount the fiscal court has approved to spend on the building.
A previous bidding process for a larger building came in at least twice as much as was budgeted, leaving the project in limbo as the court searched for ways to downgrade the building and save labor costs.
“I was pleased to have four competitive bids,” said Judge-Executive John Wayne Conway. “We had one that was way low, one way high and four that were pretty competitive.”
The low bid Tuesday night came from Dadisman Builders at $189,955.16, well below the court’s budgeted amount of $235,000.
Only one bid submitted by Devere Construction came in over that amount and was for $297,951.
Dadisman Builders submitted the only bid under $200,000. Other bids were received from Scott Brothers Construction ($225,477.50), Walters Buildings ($217,946.80), Schaefer Contracting ($218,500) and Marrilla ($225,465).
Conway said during the meeting that no bid would be awarded that night. He said he and the court’s solid waste committee would go over the bids with Cann-Tech, the engineering firm hired to design the building, and make a recommendation on which bid to accept.
“We’re going to have pre-construction meeting next week and go over all the details of the three lowest bids,” Conway said.
“We want to make sure no one underbid anything.”
The building has been a sore spot for months, and was required to be built as a condition of the fiscal court accepting a $125,000 solid waste grant from the state last year.
Once the building is finished, free curbside pickup of recyclables will come to an end. The county has already purchased a number of bins that will be placed at schools, Walmart and other locations, and those who want to recycle will be able to drop items off.
“We’ll give it a transition period of two weeks or, if that’s not enough, 30 days,” Conway said, adding that he hopes to have the building completed by June.