Reel deal?

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Company with Cable contract eyeballing Anderson County


A company that recently signed a contract to build cable reels for General Cable is considering locating its manufacturing facility to Anderson County.

The company, Madem Reels, would employ three or four people and needs a 15,000 to 20,000 square foot facility with 17-foot ceilings and a loading dock, according to George Leamon, executive director of the Lawrenceburg-Anderson County Economic Development Authority.

“This would definitely be a win for us to get them here,” Leamon said during last Wednesday’s EDA meeting at City Hall.

Leamon told the EDA that company officials visited Anderson and other counties recently in search of a facility. He said the company is considering a “good location” in Anderson County, but did not say where.

That facility is believed to be the former flea market at Eagle Lake Convention Center, which closed last year.

Leamon told the EDA that Madem Reel is expected to make its decision later this month, and that it also has contracts in West Virginia and Indiana.

“This would be good not only for the job it creates, but because of the rental income for the owner,” said EDA Chairman Charlie Cammack.

No movement on industrial site

The EDA is working toward building an industrial site, but as of last week had not made any headway on deciding where it will be.

Cammack said due to the recent holidays and cold weather, a committee tasked with considering a site did not have an update for the EDA’s board of directors during last week’s meeting.

Creating such a site is considered crucial to attracting business and industry, and the EDA does not have one at this time.

Other communities do, and Cammack warned during the meeting that locations such as the out-of-business Home Depot location in Frankfort present serious competition for Anderson County.

Cammack said he’s concerned that the roughly 100,000 square foot building, which could be sold later this month in an online auction, could be used to attract industry.

“[Franklin County’s] industrial park is on the other end of the county, but this could be competition because it’s on this end of the county,” Cammack said. “We have to look at that when we are looking at property.”

Cammack said such a property could prove profitable for the EDA if it had a tenant such as a Target or Meijer scheduled to move in.

Business appreciation lunch considered

Leamon suggested and the EDA board agreed to host a business appreciation luncheon sometime in April or May.

Cammack said he liked the idea because it shows Anderson County businesses “we are interested in what they do.”

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