Risks posed by Bluegrass Pipeline not worth the price we'll all pay

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Don't believe the Hype

"A lie told often enough becomes the truth" (V. Lenin). The full page add in last week's Anderson News about all the jobs the Bluegrass Pipeline will bring to the county is being told over and over. However, at the county meeting with Boardwalk and Wiliiams when asked about local hiring, they only said that they would encourage it. I hope the fine people of the vocational school by the BG Parkway do get good paying, honest jobs in construction. But this pipeline is not it. Boardwalk & Williams have contract constrution companies which are under no obligation to hire locally. They also reported in the meeting that the closest monitoing and management station would be in northern Kentucky. So, there are no long term jobs with the BG pipeline for our county.

Boardwalk and Williams also reported to the Anderson News that 1.5 million and taxes to the tax districts would be gained each year. For that to happen in our county, experts report that the pipeline would have to be assessed at 7.4 million per mile. Taxing @ 80.9 cents per $100, the more accurate total amount for all tax districts would be closer to a mere $135,103 per year ( jhardt@kftc.org).

Residents should know that these companies are paying for calls to House members to oppose HB31. HB31 clarifies who may have the right to Eminent Domain and when it passes and is signed into law, these 2 companies will not have that threat to use in negotiations as they have with residents.  Nor will they have recourse when denied access. They are pouring thousands of dollars into lobbyists working the halls of the Capitol trying to sway legislators with hype and contributions. However, there is a strong grassroots movement across political aisles to insure the protection of property rights. To support HB31, one may call 800-372-7181. I do not believe that the risk of this pipeline is worth the price we all would pay.

Bill Barrett