Rock n’ roll band films music video at Ripy house

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By Meaghan Downs

The T.B. Ripy house on Main Street rocked with a different sound than creaking floorboards this weekend.  
In a small drawing room of the Lawrenceburg mansion, Jenny Mann — the lead singer of the band Blameshift — debated grabbing her prescription ear plugs before running through another take for their music video.
“For the beauty of the shot, I’ll go deaf,” Mann joked as she took her place in front of a bedazzled microphone stand.
Nashville music producer and director Jon King had been searching for an old house with Victorian character for the band’s music video “Secrets,” the title track for an upcoming 2013 album.  
After getting into contact with the Kentucky Film Office and exploring the possibility of shooting in an old house in Louisville, King took the film office’s suggestion to check out the Ripy mansion.
The former residence, owned by descendants of bourbon baron T. B. Ripy, was the perfect location for “a fun take on the horror movie” themed music video.
“It’s kind of in that perfect state of decay,” King said of the Ripy house.
George Geoghegan, one of the owners of the T.B. Ripy house, said hosting a rock band could lead to publicity for the mansion, currently in need of numerous repairs.
“Our reason for doing that was that we thought we could use as much publicity concerning the house as possible,” Geoghegan said. “The more people that see the house, the more we might get help with it.”
Blameshift — whose sound resembles high-energy pop/rock acts like Flyleaf or the Foo Fighters, Mann said — tours for 10 months out of the year in a vegetable oil powered bus.
Taking a break from traveling cross-country to shoot a music video is awesome, she said.
“Just getting to be creative,” Mann said of her favorite part of shooting music videos. “We’re used to driving all day, performing at night.”
In the music video’s storyline, Mann walks down Main Street in Lawrenceburg, intrigued by the Ripy House and the strange disappearances of the locals, played by her band mates.  
Tim Barbour, Blameshift’s lead guitarist, took on the role of the missing letter carrier in one scene.
“There’s definitely a lot of work that goes into it that you don’t realize,” Barbour said of shooting the video.  The band will probably film “Secrets” on repeat 25-30 times that day alone, he said.
Despite a minor mishap with a haze machine that set off the smoke alarms and called out Anderson County’s finest firefighters and EMS, King said he’s enjoyed his time in Lawrenceburg, having filmed in small towns before.
“It’s just much more relaxing, much less hectic,” King said.


For more on Blameshift, check out the band’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/blameshift or follow the band (and its oil-powered tour bus) on Twitter at @blameshift. The single track featured in the music video filmed in Lawrenceburg is scheduled to be released in early 2013. To listen to the band's first music video for the song "Ghost," click here.