School children not only murder victims

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To the editor:
Pray for the little ones so brutally slaughtered.  Imagine being so young, in a place where you feel secure, are provided for and have no worries.  Suddenly, with no warning and no way to prepare, your life is ended among terror, chaos, blood and pain.
Why are they doing this? You have no chance to protest or to defend yourself. Someone who doesn’t even know you has decided to kill you.  
We can debate assault weapons, but what about the knife attack on 22 children in China? Our problem is not weapons. Our problem is us. What is it about our society that puts so little value on human life?  
The words in the first paragraph could be used to describe the killings in Connecticut. It could also be used to describe an abortion.
It may make us feel better to call the unborn a fetus but consider, at 21 days the fetus has a heartbeat, at six weeks brainwaves can be recorded, at 10 weeks sucks it’s thumb and is sensitive to touch, and at seven to eight months recognizes its mother’s voice.
According to the US Census Bureau, in 2008 there were 1.2 million abortions in the US. Connecticut had over 17,000. Kentucky had 4,000.  
The thought of 20 children slaughtered in a classroom sickens me, so much more 1 million-plus we slaughter each year.
When are we going to stop the killing?
Wayne Robey
Stamping Ground