School district recognizes perfect attendance achievements

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By The Staff

The following Anderson County students received perfect attendance, zero tardies and zero absences, for the 2012-2013 school year.
This list does not include those students who were present everyday, but may have signed in or out for an appointment, according to Director of Student Services Derek Shouse.

Anderson County High School
Tucker Baker, junior; Jordan Barber, freshman; Marissa Barnes, junior; Glenna Curry, junior; Jacob Dye, sophomore; Tristan Goodlett, freshman; Jared Hunt, freshman; Austin Mattingly, junior; Huston Page, junior; Madison Powell, freshman; Zackory Shepard, sophomore; Michaela Tindall, sophomore; and Camren Wells, freshman.

Anderson County Middle School
Christopher Akins, 7th grade; Christopher Beasmore, 8th grade; Richard Boies, 7th grade; Zachary Breiner, 8th grade; Taylor Brown, 6th grade; Christian Cummins, 7th grade; Sydney Davis, 7th grade; Grace Freeman, 6th grade; Chase Godby, 8th grade; Christine Hostetler, 8th grade; Taylor Huff, 6th grade; James Land, 7th grade; Kayla Montgomery, 8th grade; Danika Sharp, 6th grade; Maritza Sierra-Ruiz, 8th grade; Brooke Snider, 8th grade; Kenneth Sunborn, 8th grade; and Austin Tidd, 7th grade.

Emma B. Ward Elementary
Lauren Breiner, 4th grade; Nicholas Breiner, 4th grade; Cameron Duncan, 2nd grade; Michael Duncan, 4th grade; Anthony Fields, 4th grade; Henry Gonzalez, 1st grade, Logan Gould, 4th grade; Darius Grant, 2nd grade; Weston Holloman, 4th grade; Amber Montgomery, 4th grade; Katilyn Murphy, 5th grade; Riley Ogden, 3rd grade; Wyatt Ogden, 1st grade; Hannah Phillips, 2nd grade; Mason Pierce, 4th grade; Karissa Searcy, 3rd grade; Ethan Smith, 5th grade; Michael Stephens, 3rd grade; and Tyler Walton, 4th grade.

Robert B. Turner Elementary
Daniel Adams, 5th grade; James Adams, 3rd grade; Jadezia Doyle, 3rd grade; Keirstin Fink, 1st grade; Colin Obryan, 3rd grade; Latally Puckett, 5th grade; Molly Smith, 5th grade; Grace Snider, 5th grade; Johnathan Synder, 5th grade; Kyra Woods, 5th grade; and Vincent Zheng, 5th grade.

Saffell Street Elementary
Sarak Ashlock, 5th grade; Chelsey Bush, 5th grade; Jacob Castle, 5th grade; Kester Eguakun, 3rd grade; Charles Hagan, 5th grade; Bia Kinney, Laura Quire, 3rd grade; Vincent Sharp, 4th grade; Kolton White, 3rd grade; and Ariel Woo, 4th grade.

Multiple years
of perfect attendance
Huston Page, 11 years
Zachary Breiner, four straight years
Kayla Montgomery, three straight years
Brooke Snider, three straight years
Lauren Breiner, three straight years
Jacob Castle, two straight years