Send Halloween photos via Facebook to the News

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By Meaghan Downs

Facebook doesn’t have to be reserved to funny cat videos.
It can also be an engaging way for us — the newsroom and the newspaper reader — to dialogue and share Anderson County through community photos.
More than half of Facebook’s 800 million active users log into Facebook every day, according to Facebook statistics.
And I’m guessing that our readers are some of those same people.
Just a hunch.
As community journalists, we’re always looking for ways to connect the newsstands to the realm of digital media.
This is where you, the savvy social media user, come in.
If you receive The Anderson News Extra in your mailbox every Monday, you may know about a tricky guy called The Anderson News hound.
Well, now he has his own Facebook page.
The Anderson NewsHound Facebook page is a forum for you, the reader, to submit your community photos to be published once a month in a Wednesday edition of the newspaper.
This month we’ll be looking for Halloween photos to showcase in the Nov. 2 edition.
Facebook was just a twinkle in young Mark Zuckerberg’s eye when I was still dressing up for Halloween in the late ’90s and early 2000s.
I’m pretty sure my Mom would have posted tons of pictures of my mad scientist costume, the same get-up I donned every Halloween for three years in a row, had Facebook existed instead of cassette tapes, Jewel songs and Walkmans.
My high school and college years are well documented through Facebook, but unfortunately, there are no online archives of the Christmases of my childhood.
No first day of school digital photo albums. No timeline of my uncreative Halloween costumes. No pictures of me bawling on Santa’s lap.
We want to preserve and protect these kinds of memories for our reader, both online and in print.   
The newspaper’s job is to inform, but it should also be interactive on all relevant platforms of communication.
With 800 million users, I think Facebook is pretty relevant when it comes to sharing news, tips, ideas and community photos.
As you’re checking your news feed and commenting on a friend’s status on Halloween, take a second to post a high-resolution photo of your 2011 Halloween experience on our Anderson NewsHound page. Describe who’s in the picture, where you are and what you’re doing.
On Wednesday, look for your photo in our print and online editions of the newspaper.
If it’s easier for you to e-mail photos, or bring physical copies into the office on a Tuesday morning, feel free to do so.
I look forward to seeing how creative Anderson County gets when it comes to celebrating Halloween.
And if you’re dressing up like a mad scientist this year, just remember. I came up with that idea first.

E-mail staff writer Meaghan Downs for more information about uploading community photos to Facebook at mdowns@theandersonnews.com.
To post photos online, visit “Anderson NewsHound” on Facebook through the Anderson News Facebook page.