Senior citizen robbed in home invasion on Jean Drive

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Two male suspects still at large after forcing woman to hand over cash, pain medication

By Meaghan Downs

City police has called off the search for two men who allegedly forced a senior citizen to hand over cash and pain pills during a home invasion Friday morning on Jean Drive.


According to Det. Mike Schell of the city police department, two white males entered the back of a Jean Drive residence at about 10:30 a.m. Friday.

Schell said the men forced the homeowner, a woman in her 70s, to give them some cash, pain pills and other property.

The neighborhood is pretty quiet, Schell said, and the homeowner had some windows open and the door unlocked, probably because of the nice, cool day.

The woman was extremely emotional following the incident, he said, but otherwise unharmed.

EMS arrived on scene and the homeowner was taken to the hospital as a precaution.

Not too long after the homeowner called police to report the home invasion, Schell said, an Anderson County sheriff’s deputy on patrol noticed a suspicious vehicle with three people in it.

When the deputy approached the vehicle, two men fled on foot into the woods behind a cluster of apartments on Carlton Drive.

The woman driving the car told the deputy the two men were hitch hikers she picked up by the Lawrenceburg cemetery, Schell said.

More than 12 Kentucky State troopers, city police and sheriff’s deputies canvassed the woods near the intersection of Carlton Drive and Harrodsburg Road and behind the older section of Lawrenceburg cemetery for four hours before calling off the search at about 5:30 p.m.

A K-9 unit from the Kentucky State Police also assisted the officers' search.

City police could not confirm if the two men who fled the suspicious vehicle were indeed the same two men involved in the home invasion on Jean Drive.

Schell said the two male suspects have most likely left the area, but that Anderson County residents should be aware of any suspicious people or behavior.

"We're going to continue to investigate any leads,” he said. “Hopefully we come up with who did this.”

The Lawrenceburg police department is in charge of the investigation.