On the set of ‘Hope Bridge’

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Film crew continues to shoot movie on location in Lawrenceburg

By Bria Granville
News staff
The film “Hope Bridge,” directed by Asbury University assistant professor Joshua Overbay, has been shooting several scenes in Lawrenceburg and will continue filming throughout the week.
The film is produced by Rebel Pilgrim Productions based out of Cincinnati. The film focuses on the subject matter of suicide and how a family tries to deal with it.   
Christie and David Eaton, who penned the film and produced it, hope that the film will inspire moviegoers and start a serious conversation about the issues of suicide.
“As a nation if we’re going to deal with it we need to start a conversation,” David Eaton, a producer and writer on the movie, said. “ It (the film) will make it okay to talk about suicide.”
The Eatons hope to continue making movies after “Hope Bridge,” which was their first film.

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