Sewer system blows ‘bubbles’

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Harmless soap suds from nutrition company emerge on Court, Main streets

By Meaghan Downs

Anderson County drivers may have noticed piles of what appeared to be soap suds bubbling out from sewer drains on Court and Main streets on Monday afternoon.
According to Public Works Director Larry Hazlett, these piles of soapy suds are actually pet shampoo lather run off from the company KNS, Inc., located on Railroad Street.  
The Lawrenceburg animal nutrition company had been rinsing out plastic totes containing surfactant, an ingredient in shampoo that allows it to lather, on their property, Hazlett said, and the suds flowed down all the way to the sewer drains on Court Street and the corner of Main and Court streets.
Hazlett said the substance is actually “food-grade” and is harmless, even safe for consumption.