Sorting through the wedding stresses

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By Shannon Brock

Some days I just want to scream, and it's my best possible guess that every day until July 12 will be one of those days.

For those of you who didn't tune in last week, I'm getting married this summer (!), and July 12 is my wedding date. This weekend it kind of hit me that I will be busy every day until that very day is over.

Friday was fine. I only had to work half a day, and my cousin, who will be my maid of honor, came into town. She and I went to dinner with my fianc, then the world turned upside down. OK, so not really, but I got pretty stressed.

We'd planned on having the wedding ceremony and reception in Josh's parents' back yard. No big deal, we'd just rent a tent, some chairs and some tables. Note to all the future brides out there: Tents, chairs and tables are expensive.

After obtaining this tidbit of knowledge Friday night we began to consider other options. By having the wedding and reception at our church, we could save about $2,000 - also known as enough to go on a decent honeymoon. So my money-conscious side talked the rest of me into thinking that was a good idea.

But Josh and I had our hearts set on that back yard wedding. So Saturday, I was presented with the option of having the wedding in the back yard and the reception somewhere else, saving about $1,600, but creating the problem of shuffling everyone from a ceremony location to a reception location. A backyard wedding and we could still save money - I convinced myself this too was a good idea.

But parking is going to be enough of an issue, and the added trouble of shuffling from here to there didn't sit right with me or anyone else involved. So Sunday, we reached a compromise that basically took us back to what we had originally planned - a back yard wedding and reception, minus the tent, which will save at least $1,000.

All that stress and we ended up where we started.

Also, Saturday, I went to a bridal shop with my maid of honor and matron of honor so they could order their bridesmaid dresses. Second note to future brides out there: Make an appointment if you want to go dress shopping on a Saturday. The store was so busy it was only taking appointments, and no, there weren't any openings. Maybe I should have known this, but every other time I'd been to that particular shop, no appointments were necessary, so I didn't think about it.

I keep telling myself there's no need to get so frustrated. I've only been engaged for two weeks and I have a lot of the planning done.

I finally know where we're getting married. I have my dress, a veil and shoes already. I've picked out bridesmaid dresses and colors. We know what decorations we'll need and who will help us with them. Josh's family volunteered to collectively cater the reception. I have people working to plan not one, but two household showers. We have a minister and a musician secured. We've planned out our guest list and already have our invitations.

I'm totally ahead of the game. But for some reason I can't focus on those things. Instead I keep looking at what isn't done. We don't have anyone to bake our cake yet. We haven't picked out a honeymoon destination. We have seven bridesmaids and seven groomsmen to properly clothe, not to mention the groom himself. Then there's picking out flowers, wedding bands, a song and what seems like so much more.

Instead of being relieved at what I have accomplished, I keep letting the things I haven't pile on top of me. So if sometime during the next three months and 24 days you hear a shriek so shrill it could break glass, don't worry. It's only me.