Springate is appointed to fill empty district judge seat

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She is the first from Anderson County in 30 years

By Shelley Spillman

Betty Springate of Lawrenceburg was appointed to Division I district court judge for the 53rd District court, serving Anderson, Shelby and Spencer counties, Monday of last week.

Springate’s appointment marks the first time in 30 years a district court judge has resided in Anderson County.

“It’s an honor to serve Anderson, Shelby and Spencer Counties,” said Springate. “It’s an honor for Anderson County, for even a short period of time, to have their own judge.”

She was one of three attorneys nominated to fill the Division I 53rd District court judge vacancy after Linda Armstrong retired in March. The other nominees were Robert M. Coots and Ruth Ann Hollan, both of Taylorsville.

Prior to Springate’s appointment, Donna Dutton, Division I district court judge for the 53rd District Court, served both divisions.

“We desperately needed help,” said Dutton.

Dutton said the caseload is so great that two judges are necessary.

“This is ranked the 13th largest district in the state,” Dutton said.

Springate has served as assistant county attorney and county attorney for Anderson County. She received a juris doctor from the University of Baltimore School of Law.

Springate will serve as Division I district court judge until a new judge is elected in January.