Stay home for Thanksgiving

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By Meaghan Downs

Stay home.
Lock your doors. Put an iron chain across your threshold if you think you won’t be able to resist incredible Thanksgiving deals tomorrow.  
Because there is absolutely no reason, none at all, to drag your family members out into the cold to save a few precious bucks.  
I suppose I could use this column to vilify the retail giants and other businesses that decided to open early on Thanksgiving. I don’t think that’s necessary.
Because in the weeks since stores announced their Thanksgiving hours, I’ve seen enough social media outcries on Facebook and Twitter to launch a thousand petitions.
I’m sure you have, too.
I know it’s funny (or perhaps hypocritical) for me to say the following, but nothing will come from me just writing.  
You’ll only be able to talk with your money.
Two of the people joining my family’s Thanksgiving table tomorrow work retail jobs.
Thankfully, neither of them will need to throw on their corporate-approved uniforms and go to work tomorrow.  
I’m more than happy to stay home on Thanksgiving so they can continue to do the same next year, and hopefully, the year after that.
Because really, is nothing sacred? Must we abandon our time of family gluttony to weigh ourselves down with even more stuff? Or more stuff for others that they probably don’t need?
And if you really, really need that stuff, it can’t wait until Black Friday?
A holiday that is dedicated, let me repeat, dedicated to buying more stuff?
Unless it’s an oh-no-I-forgot-sugar-for-my-pumpkin-pie emergency, don’t leave your homes. Stay inside.
Talk with your wallet.
Money is what matters, after all.

A thank you to the Neurohr and Smith families for letting me come into your homes and interview you for this Thanksgiving feature story. Especially for the kids, who dressed up (Sunday church clothes for the Smiths) and waited patiently before getting their photo taken for the paper. And in the case of the Neurohrs, waited patiently until the newspaper lady would leave their living room so they could play with their Wii system late Saturday morning.
This story, which can be found on A1, is one of those where I wish you all could have been there. There are a lot of details about the lives of these two families that I wish I had room for. I believe the story about their first Thanksgiving celebrations as complete family units will suffice.  

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Meaghan Downs is the news editor at The Anderson News. When she’s not gobbling down pumpkin pie and destroying her family members at the board game Settlers of Catan, she can be reached via e-mail at mdowns@theandersonnews.com.