Student stunt delays Elite Eight game

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By John Herndon

BOWLING GREEN – Only 20 seconds had been played in Friday's Elite Eight game in the girls' Sweet 16 when officials stopped the action as baby powder fell to the Diddle Arena floor.

Some people in the Elizabethtown student section threw baby powder in the air in an apparent attempt to mimic LeBron James' ritual of throwing rosin in the air at the start of his games.

The baby powder made the floor extremely slick. Both teams returned to their locker rooms as Western Kentucky University workers cleaned the floor. The game was delayed about 30 minutes.

Anderson coach Tony Kays said he had never experienced anything like the baby powder delay. “I have seen some strange things before, but that has to be up there at the top,” Kays said. “There was a lot of it. You are ready to play and that happens. Kids are kids, wherever they are. Their superintendent and coach apologized. I didn't have any problem with that. They had to go through the delay just like we did."

Elizabethtown coach Tim Mudd was visibly perturbed by the turn of events.

“To some people that might be a laughing matter. It's not to me,” Mudd said. “I take a lot of pride in E-town High School. I hate that a select few can embarrass the whole district. I don't think it was very well tought out. I want to make a public apology for that. There is only so much that me or our administrators are in control of. I want to apologize to Anderson County and to Tony about that.

"It is disappointing. We are dealing with young kids in those student sectons. Sometimes they don't make great decisions. We appreciate all the support we get, but it is embarrassing.”

Kays said he got an apology from Mudd during the delay.