Students submit 4-H reports

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By The Staff

Stars at Work
The Stars at Work second meeting was Feb. 21, 2013. In this meeting we elected officers. Josh Cooper is the president, Makayla Stratton is the vice president, Nita Kiem is the secretary and Taylor Dudley is the reporter. The Stars at Work also came up with a name for the club. The nominations for our club name were the Shields stars 4-H club, 4-H Stars, Clover Stars, Clovers and Stars at Work. Elijah Johnson came up with the name Stars at Work, which was voted as our club name.
—submitted by Taylor Dudley

Super Saffell Star Club
4-H students learned how to train a dog properly. The students voted for a club name, and the club name is Super Saffell Star Club. There were a lot of students who participated. There were 24 students in all: Mrs. Dadisman’s entire fourth grade class with the exception of one student. The dog activity is important because you can learn how to train an out of control dog. Right now there is no upcoming dates for activities.
—submitted by Mackenzie Zwieg

Stars and Stripes of 4-H
This week at 4-H Mrs. Blackburn’s class picked jobs: Ariel Woo is the president, Rachel Satterly is the vice president, Madison Burgin is the secretary and I, Maddie Luttrell, is the reporter. We also picked a name for our club; we named it Mrs. Blackburn’s Tars and Stripes of 4-H.

— submitted by Maddie Luttrell