Summer reading fun at Anderson Public Library

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By Bria Granville

Preschoolers where treated to a performance by Imagination Inc. on July 8 as part of the Anderson Public Library’s summer reading program. Imagination Inc. is a theater troupe from Edmonton and travels throughout the state to libraries for the summer reading program.
The troupe is a part of the Barn Lot Theatre, based out of Bowling Green, a program a volunteer-based, non-profit organization that provides affordable theatrical performances by local actors.
Barn Lot Theater tries to provide appreciation of theater and creative expression.
“You can read a book and it opens up so many possibilities” said Kacy Hope, leader of Imagination Inc. “We take a story and put on stage to show that you can see things in a completely different way.”
Not only is the show for young children, but also for teens and adults. Later the same day the group performed for an older audience.
“We put adult humor in it as well so that adults will be able to laugh and walk away with a smile as well.” Hope said.
The theme for this year’s summer reading program is Dig into Reading. The program will hold classes throughout the summer for toddlers, preschoolers, and grades kindergarten through eighth.
The program tries to encourage reading among children through activities, speakers and different events at the library.
Children get the opportunity to win new books by completing homework and returning it to the following class.


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