Take pride in this initiative to showcase Anderson County

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By Chris Hamilton

What a treat it is to witness inspiration fuel action. I’ve always believed that, particularly in small communities, the best initiatives are those born from grass roots efforts.

One such initiative is springing to life in Anderson County. On the outside, it might appear to be little more than a fun project connected to a fun event.

Much deeper, it’s the beginning of a movement to lift Anderson County out of the shadows and show the rest of the world what a great place it is for visiting, working and living.

Here’s the lowdown.

Spearheaded by the Anderson County Chamber of Commerce, a group of citizens and corporate supporters have decided to get Anderson County back into the Pride of the Counties exhibit during the Kentucky State Fair Aug. 14-24. If you haven’t been to it before, this showcase of Kentucky communities is very interesting. It creates a display of the unique characteristics of its participants and gives viewers an education and much to consider.

But it has the potential to do more. The thousands of fair attendees passing through the exhibit include people who are making travel plans, business owners looking for a site to build, rent or buy, retirees looking for a place to locate and industry captains pondering expansion.

A Pride of the Counties booth is also good for community morale. Many Anderson Countians will really enjoy seeing the representation. But this is also a promotional opportunity that could bear some juicy fruit.

The group tackling the tasks and raising money to make it happen are shooting the moon. They’ve secured the largest booth space available and plan to make Anderson County stand out in the crowd.

Even if you can’t be on the committee, you can still participate. Volunteer to work a shift in the booth or contribute items that give people a taste of what Anderson County has to offer.

Even better? Suggest a theme for the booth and you might win a prize.

The group is collecting images and items and is searching for a theme that will tie everything together. It will be a temporary brand, so to speak.

The winning theme will earn the submitter four tickets to the state fair with a parking pass.

Send your idea to the Chamber via e-mail at accoc@andersonchamberky.org or mail it to 1090 Glensboro Rd. Ste. 6A, Lawrenceburg KY 40342. Call Chamber Pres. Pam Rice Brough at 502.839.5564 or 502.680.1268 for details.

Give it some thought. Explain in your submission why you think your idea is representative of Anderson County. Your theme should be an umbrella depiction of what this community is all about, what it has to offer, what makes it appealing and why somebody would want to visit, work or live here.

This initiative was born from inspiration. Be inspired by it.