Take time to help, care for elderly

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To the editor:
If you don’t have contact with the elderly, you don’t know what you’re missing.
Ever wonder what you’re grandmother, grandfather or any other elderly person does all day? Oh, I’m sure some of them are still very active & spend a lot of time with their families, but what about the Ms. Jones who lives on your street? She may not be so active or have family close by.
I think we all should reach out to the elderly by checking their mail, putting their newspaper by their door or taking the time to stop, say hello or even take them a meal or snack.
I have worked with the elderly for many years and let me tell you there’s no better reward. The feeling that you have made a difference in someone’s day or life is more than words can describe.
Sometimes people forget the elderly are people, too. They still need to feel needed, laughed with and made to feel special. We never loose these feelings, even over time.
I was taught to address my elders as such. It is disrespectful to call them old people; they are just more advanced in age.
So let’s slow down and take the time to recognize the elderly in our community. You will only have a lot to gain.
Patsy Markwell