'They thought they were going to die'

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Family rescued from boat on Kentucky River

By The Staff

A family of four was rescued from the Kentucky River on Thursday night after their boat got stuck on top of the dam at Lock 5.

Anderson County Fire Chief Mike Barnes said the event was one of the most nerve-racking he has witnessed.

“It was a complicated rescue,” Barnes said.

The Farley family was boating on the river, but was unfamiliar with that particular section, Barnes said.

“[The father] was not familiar with that pool of the river and he didn’t realize there was a dam there,” Barnes said.

“By the time he realized there was a dam, they were on it.”

The situation occurred because of “an ignorance of that part of the river,” Travis Farley said by phone on Tuesday morning.

Farley said he saw a sign saying the dam was ahead, but didn’t realize how close it was until his wife screamed there was a drop off.

Farley said he tried to turn the boat, but couldn’t do so fast enough.