Things to consider as year comes to close

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By Jason Denny

As we approach the end of the year, here are some topics that relate to that very subject.  
Buying and selling a vehicle at the end of the year
If you have sold or intend to sell a vehicle before the end of the year, be sure that the buyer transfers the vehicle at the county clerk’s office.  Just signing the title will not remove your tax obligation for the next year.
Whoever’s name is in the AVIS System (State Transportation System) on Jan. 1 of that year is responsible for the property tax on that vehicle for that entire year. If you buy a vehicle from an individual this year, you will pay sales and usage tax at the time of transfer.
If you buy a vehicle from a dealer, you will most likely pay the sales and usage tax to them and they will pay our office when they submit the paper work for transfer.  2012 property taxes will be entered into the AVIS System by the revenue department on Jan. 1.
Normally the owner of the vehicle will pay that amount in their birth month or upon renewing their vehicle license (sticker). However, you can pay property tax before your renewal date. Some use their tax return and pay property tax early in the year and renew their vehicles registration when it comes due. Renewal notices are mailed by the revenue department 45 days before the expiration date.  Our office will be closed Friday, Dec. 30 for the New Year’s holiday.

Junking a vehicle
If you have sold or plan to sell a vehicle for scrap, you must bring the title and license plate to our office and pay $1 to junk or remove that vehicle from your name. All taxes must be paid on that vehicle before this can take place. This must be done before the end of the year to avoid 2012 taxes.
Just selling a vehicle for scrap does not remove your obligations.

Voter registration
Those wishing to change their party affiliation to be eligible to vote in the May primary election must do so by Dec. 31. We will accept postmarks.
Anyone that changes their party affiliation after Dec. 31 will not be allowed to vote in the May primary.
Please feel free to contact our office regarding questions about these topics as well as any others at 839-3041.
Our website address is: http://andersoncountyclerk.ky.gov. Links to the Department of Revenue, Department of Transportation and State Board of Elections are there for your convenience.
All necessary forms are on those sites.
Our Office will be closed Dec. 23 and 26 for Christmas as well as Dec. 30 and Jan. 2 for New Year’s.

Jason Denny serves as Anderson County Clerk.