Think local, shop local and watch for all things local in the News

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By Tamara Smith

News Advertising


Spring is here. Thankfully! Everything around us is in full bloom, fresh and bright. The change of seasons brings on lots of excitement from new activities to new routines and even new things to shop for. Our office staff is excited to begin sharing a little “newness” with you, too, during what we think is perfect timing for a sense of change.

We’ve recently welcomed a new publisher and a new news editor, who have both stepped in with the high level of media enthusiasm that a growing town like ours must have. You will probably start noticing a few things about your paper that you’ve never seen before such as a different twist on how opinions are shared or even the overall layout of the information that is communicated to you.

We also invite you to be on the lookout for some upcoming periodic pages and sections. One in particular that I take great pride in and that’s the promotion of all things local! Yes. We’ve got tons of products and services that truly represent or have ties to our city and county. And yes. We’ve done a good job of supporting them but, we can all do better.

You can’t ignore the hours given by organizations that promote local businesses, draw people to our downtown, groups of ladies who host nothing but “fun stuff” to do here or the promise of our amazing youth. And if you’ve been ignoring these efforts, I ask that you start making some changes of thought when it comes to giving, entertainment, dining or shopping.

So when something new and eye-catching in the paper jumps out at you, featuring homegrown products or locally made stuff, please read it! Not only read it but take advantage of its offerings, patronize the merchants and enjoy the convenient things to do, eat, sip and shop for right here in our town.

Embrace our community’s love of the arts, boutiques, food, philanthropy, tourism opportunities and roadside markets. And if you’ve got something totally local to offer yourself, by all means, I’d love to hear about it!

We hope that with this new season, and in times to come, that you’ll join us to continually promote a positive local image and a gratefulness that you don’t always have to travel beyond the county line. Let’s keep transforming the talents of our unique city and carve out a promising future like never before.

It’s simple. Just think local and promote local. Then sit back and watch us grow.