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The Way We Were



Thursday, March 5, 1964

Glensboro News

Mrs. Claude Perry reported in the Glensboro News that Mr. and Mrs. Paul Husband and daughter, and Emma Perry of Shelbyville visited Mr. and Mrs. Dell Thurman and Mr. and Mrs. Claude Perry Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. James Gordon Catlett and children of Lawrenceburg were Sunday dinner guest of Mrs. Ellen Catlett.

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Brown and Mr. and Mrs. Will Brown and son of Alton visited Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Sutherland Monday afternoon.

Pledges Delta Omicron

Sara Frances Drury, freshman student at Georgetown College, was one of five students to pledge Delta Omicron, music honorary fraternity.

Thursday, March 12, 1964

New republican election committee

Anderson County Republicans met to choose an election committee and officers. Edward Lacefield, county chairman presided over the meeting.

Ralph Homan was chosen as chairman of the executive committee; Susie B. Drury, re-elected county chairwoman; Edward Lacefield, vice chairman of the executive committee; Mrs. Charles E. Shouse, secretary; and Pauline McGaughey, treasurer.

The new county committee of the 11 Anderson County precincts included:

•East Lawrenceburg — John H. Robinson and Lelia Robinson;

•West Lawrenceburg — John H. Disponett and Linda Casey;

•Duncan — J.H. Brown and Mrs. Ernest Disponett;

•Bond — J.T. Tartar and Mary Lacefield; Lillard — J.T. Hawthorne and Mrs. C.E. Shouse;

•McBrayer — John S. Brown and Minnie Brown;

•Alton — Guy Moffett and Pauline McGaughey;

•Petty — J.H. Perry and Sherman Siers;

•Hickory Grove — Tommy Hawkins and Lettie Bryant;

•Western — E. L. Shouse and Helen Coulter;

•Rutherford — Walter Taylor and Lillie Taylor.


Thursday, April 2, 1964

Herndon won a championship rating

Connie Herndon, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Allen Herndon, and a member of the Alton 4-H Club won a championship rating at the district 4-H Talent Show.

Connie presented her specialty act, “I’m A Lonely Little Petunia In An Onion Patch.”

The Glensboro 4-H Club presented their club act. “Stephen Foster Medley” and won a blue ribbon.


Thursday, April 5, 1984

Anderson prom royalty

Ricky Jenkins and Kerry Kuntz were crowned King and Queen at the Junior –Senior Prom at Anderson High School.

The seniors were voted “Cutest Couple” earlier in the school year by their peers.

Jenkins was a “big plus” on the varsity Bearcat basketball squad and Kuntz a varsity cheerleader.

A whopper catch

Rex Burkhead, John David Morgan and Berry Young went to Green River in search of a big catch of fish.

They said the 166 white bass they caught were the efforts of an average of six hours of solid fishing time with two hour off for lunch. There would have been more but a string of 20 got away . . . possibly one of those big fish stories you hear tell about.

The trio was up all night filleting their whopper catch.

Thursday, May 10, 1984

Western prom royalty

Peggy Stratton and Chris Hayes were crowned 1984 Western Anderson Prom King and Queen at the Friday night festivities.

The royal court included Debbie Wakefield, Sharon Terrell, Holly Miller, Susan Sea, Sherry Barr, Terry Duckwall, Brent Stevens, Chad Riley, Jeff Drury and Joey Wilhoite.

Classmate of the year

Tammy Robinson, sophomore at Eastern Kentucky University Classmate of the Year.

Tammy is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lillard Robinson.

Honor grads

Honor grads from Anderson and Western Anderson High Schools were Ashlee Atkins, Karen Benningfield, Teri Cunningham, Tommy English, Todd Evans, Jamie Fint, Jim Freeman, Julie Gabhart, Melissa Gabhart, Bill Gentry, Penney Hancock, Damita Haydon, Marcia Hendry, Ricky Jenkins, Kerry Kuntz, Janet Litkenhus, Paul Mann, Robin Meade, Holly Miller, Mary Beth McGrath, Betsy Perry, Scottie Perry, Andrea Royalty, Susan Sea, Alice Mae Shelton, Diane Sims, Bjorn Sjoholm, Sandy Smith, Sharron Smith, Derek Shouse, Talitha Steilberg, Karen G. Stratton, Ginny Sullivan, Karin Sundberg, Reid Sutton, Sharon Terrell, Petri Vahteri Debbie Wakefield, Tammi Wainscott, Jennifer Weatherford, Mark Webb, Melissa Wheller and Angie Young.


Wednesday, Feb. 17, 1999

Miss Agnes retired

“Miss Agnes” had been a familiar face around the Anderson County Courthouse for about 38 years, but Agnes Kays was about to join the rank of retirees.

She began her career in 1961 when she became legal secretary for County Attorney Ollie Bowen. Later when Dale Wright married Bowen’s daughter, Charlotte, Wright became Bowen’s business partner and Kays continued to work for both at the firm.

In 1962, she took on additional employment when she started part-time with Circuit Clerk Lizzie Witherspoon. “It wasn’t a lot to do in those days,” she said. It wasn’t any problem to do both jobs.”

Witherspoon became ill and Lucille Duncan ran for the office. After Duncan won the primary and didn’t have opposition in the fall, Kays stayed on part-time. Kays continued to work both jobs part-time until 1978 when a new court system went into effect that required more records and paperwork be kept . . . . the same as today.

Kays left the law firm to work full time and became Duncan’s chief deputy, a position she retained until her retirement.

Wednesday, Feb. 24, 1999

Tires travel 121,000 miles

Chris Lotz was about to be famous for having driven on the same set of tires for lots and lots of miles.

His friends called him Chicago but after reading the story, they may have given him a new nickname at “Lucky” or “Firestone Man.”

The rubber on his Chevy Suburban had rolled along for more than 121,000 miles. It s the same set of tires the 4-wheel drive had when he purchased it new at Performance Chevrolet, later to be known as Morgan Chevrolet in Lawrenceburg in 1994.

The spare had never been used and the tires still had 29 percent of their tread remaining.

Firestone’s regional office in Cincinnati was interested in having the tires on display.

“They asked if I was ready to replace them,” Lotz said. “I told them I still wasn’t losing any traction on snow or other wet surfaces.

“Lots also told Firestone he would have to be assured he would be getting new tires just like the ones he has.