Top 10 Stories of 2012: No. 2: Wild Turkey, Four Roses sink millions into improvements

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By The Staff

The increased popularity of bourbon across globe was good news for Anderson County as both of its distilleries sunk millions into expanded facilities.
Wild Turkey made the biggest splash by announcing in February that bottling its world-famous brand would return to Lawrenceburg after leaving in 2006.
The distillery’s $44 million bottling plant remains under construction and is expected to provide around 60 new jobs.
Then in August, Wild Turkey broke ground on a new $4 million visitor center which will be perched atop Wild Turkey hill and overlook the Kentucky River.
Those investments, coupled with a $50 million still the year before, brings Wild Turkey’s recent investments to nearly $100,000 million since the brand was purchased several years ago by Campari.
Four Roses also got into the act by unveiling its own new multi-million dollar visitor center.
CEO Hideki Horiguchi said in 2004, Four Roses Distillery attracted only 1,000 visitors. This year, however, the distillery will be anticipating more than 50,000 tourists walking through its doors.
“This visitor center will literally be a foundation in success …  for years to come,” Horiguchi, who added the distillery has grown by 35 percent every year since 2004, said.