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Perry family’s home, belongings destroyed Monday afternoon


Firefighters never stood a chance late Monday afternoon when a fire flattened a home at 2300 Glensboro Road.
Anderson County Fire Chief Mike Barnes was at the scene just minutes after the fire was called into 911, but the home, owned by Timmy Perry, was already fully engulfed in flames.
Perry, who told reporters he had lived on that property his entire life, was among seven people who resided there and lost everything they owned but the clothes on their backs.
The Red Cross reportedly found the family a place to stay Monday night.
Perry reportedly lived in the home along with his two sons, a daughter-in-law and three grandchildren.
The home, which sat atop a hill several hundred yards off Highway 44 about six miles out of Lawrenceburg, had a rutted gravel driveway that made it difficult for firemen to access.
As more firefighters arrived, they lugged large hoses up that hill in an effort to knock down the fire that had already claimed the house and its belongings.
One pumper truck was able to make its way to the top as firefighters scrambled to put out what remained of the structure.
With flames and smoke billowing out every door and window, firefighters initially attempted to peer inside to ensure no one was home. They eventually were able to bring the blaze under control just after 6 p.m.
Barnes said Tuesday morning that it will be nearly impossible to determine exactly what caused the fire.
“I’m leaning toward smoking materials or a breakdown in the electrical system,” Barnes said. “It was burned so bad that it’s going to be very hard to determine, if it’s ever determined at all.”
Anderson County EMS, the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office and the Lawrenceburg Police Department also responded to the fire.
Traffic was blocked for about an hour on Highway 44 as firefighters worked to get water up the hill to the house.