Trucks collide near Running Brook

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By The Staff

A white Ford pick-up truck rear ended another pick-up on 127/Alton Road/North Main Street in front of the Running Brook subdivision Friday, with one driver being transported to the hospital for complaints of an elevated heart rate.
Douglas Muller, 49, of Louisville, was transported to Frankfort Regional Medical Center after mentioning his heart rate was up, according to Kentucky State Police Officer Frank Flowers.
Muller allegedly rear ended Shirley D. Long, 68, of Lawrenceburg, as both were driving southeast toward Lawrenceburg on 127/Alton Road/North Main Street.
No one was seriously hurt in the accident.
Traffic stopped north and south of the accident for at least 15 minutes as the accident was investigated by Kentucky State Police.
Anderson county fire, sheriff’s office and Kentucky State Police responded.