Turner sub accused of hitting student

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By Ben Carlson

General Manager

A dismissed Turner Elementary School substitute struck one student and yelled, screamed and threw objects in front of as many as 100 others, according to a complaint filed by the Anderson County Attorney’s Office.

Barbara Stires, 57, of 1731 Bonds Mill Road, Lawrenceburg, is facing three misdemeanor charges stemming from the Feb. 25 incident at the school, the complaint states.

Stires has not been arrested because she is undergoing a mental health evaluation, according to Lawrenceburg Police Officer Nathan Doty, who investigated the incident.

Stires struck a student when she slammed a large wooden clothespin on his desk, hitting his finger, according to the complaint. Doty said the oversized clothespin is 8 inches long and used by most teachers to hang items on a chalkboard.

She intentionally placed numerous fifth-grade students in “reasonable apprehension of imminent physical injury by throwing objects in the room and approaching a student in a threatening manner with a wooden object,” according to the complaint.

Stires also caused “public inconvenience, annoyance or alarm when she engaged in threatening behavior directed toward numerous fifth grade students by yelling, screaming and throwing objects,” according to the complaint.

Doty said the student who was allegedly struck by the clothespin did not sustain a serious injury.

“No breaks or sprains, but he said his finger hurt pretty badly,” Doty said.

Stires, who became a substitute teacher earlier this year, taught 106 students the day of the incident. She began teaching that day around 8 a.m. By noon, students had complained and Stires was dismissed.

Stires cannot be a substitute teacher in Kentucky as a condition of bond, the complaint reads.

Stires is charged with three Class B misdemeanors for harassment, disorderly conduct and menacing, according to the complaint.

Her resignation as a substitute teacher was accepted last Monday night by the Anderson County Board of Education.