Unborn children are treasures, not cancer

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By Brian Owens

In a baffling display of asinine “logic,” unborn children were lumped together with cancer cells as being something that everyone should have equal access to have removed under the new Affordable Health Care Act.
According to an article by Jacqueline Klimas for the “Washington Times,” the Office of Personnel Management ruled on Sept. 30 to allow members of Congress and their staffs to buy insurance coverage that provides abortion and contraceptive coverage. The problem is, as this article points out, while their insurance premiums are covered by their employer, their employer happens to be Joe Taxpayer.
This decision by the OPM violates federal law. Since 1976 the Hyde Amendment, a rider that has, in various forms, been attached to the annual Labor/Health and Human Services (HHS)/Education appropriations bill, prohibits Medicaid from funding abortion services, except in extremely rare circumstances (i.e., rape, incest and/or the health of the mother).  
In an effort to dodge the accusations that the decision breaks federal law, the OPM says that the premiums will be parsed out and that the cost of abortion services will be covered by the employee’s own contributions.
The Obama administration has aggressively sought to have across the board, unrestrained access to abortion, sterilization, contraceptives and abortificants (i.e., the Morning After pill) in federally funded health insurance plans. Their argument is that these are “essential health services” that all health care plans should be required cover for all people, frequently citing “women’s health and well-being” as being the overarching principle.
In the hours leading up the to the government shutdown, House Republicans included a “religious freedom” amendment in a bill that would have paused the enforcement of the contraceptive mandate for a year, while continuing to fund federal entities.
The language of this amendment garnered the attention of Barbara Boxer, a California Democrat who does not mince words about her liberal leanings. Calling this a “war on women,” Boxer is quoted in the article as saying, in reference to the amendment, that “anyone who has ever postponed a life-saving cancer screening because they couldn’t afford it knows how cruel and dangerous this Republican shutdown plan is.” Rather than addressing the primary reason the amendment was introduced (protection of the unborn and religious liberty), she throws up the red herring of cancer screening, thus equating unwanted unborn children to cancer cells, something that needs to be prevented and removed.
Why doesn’t she simply say what she and others on her side of the aisle say what she really desire: unrestricted access to abortions for any and every reason, at any point in the pregnancy the mother deems necessary – all at taxpayer expense.
This debacle is yet another example of the morbid depths to which the abortion debate has slid. The baby is nothing more than a fetus; a life within the womb can be seen as either a blessing or an inconvenience, depending upon ones situation in life. Thus, a God-created, human life is seen as nothing more than a lump of cells that has attached itself to a host, tantamount to a cancer.
On the contrary, Psalm 17:14 calls the child in the womb a “treasure,” not a cancer. Children are a joy, not a disease. Even the so-called “mistakes” are not mistakes in the sovereign plan of God (Ps. 139) and thus worthy of life. Yet, like the pagan Medes that rose up against God’s people in Isaiah 13:18, those who push for unrestricted abortions “… have no mercy on the fruit of the womb; their eyes will not pity children.”
A nation that continues in the tradition of Molech (Jer. 32:35 et al) cannot endure forever. In our pride we are claiming to have the best days ahead of us, yet the blood of the millions of innocent children rises around us.
The real cancer is not our unborn children, but the humanistic, self-centered pride that lies festering in our hearts.   

Brian Owens is an associate pastor with youth and children emphasis at Farmdale Baptist Church. He can be reached via e-mail at brian@farmdalebaptist.com.