Unimpressed by Biden’s performance in vice presidential debate

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To the editor:
Well, I was one of those who stayed up to watch the 2012 vice presidential debate held in Danville, Ky., on Thursday between Congressman Paul Ryan and current vice president, Joe Biden. I have some observations that I would like to share.
First and foremost I thought that the moderator Martha Raddatz of ABC did a horrific job of control- controlling Joe Biden who snickered, laughed, grinned, interrupted Mr. Ryan at each opportunity. As a moderator you are entrusted as the time keeper as well as authoring questions that allow for an answer, a rebuttal and a controlled discussion, if need be. She was all over the board, Joe Biden knew that she had lost control, thus he took the reins to pontificate his views over Congressman Ryan.
Secondly, as the national / world audience looked on, it was your vice president displaying these rude mannerisms in a debate so essential to all of us who are trying to decide on who we would elect to run our country if the president was unable to carry on his or her duties.
Third, vice president Joe Biden chose to laugh at Congressman Ryan when discussing the deaths of four American patriots in Libya. I wasn’t laughing when Mr. Biden attempted to explain to the American public our president’s lack of leadership and lies in this matter. Quite frankly, time would be better spent ousting the likes of Susan Rice (United States Ambassador to the United Nations) and progressing onward to impeachment proceedings of our current president, Barack Obama.
Finally, what I did learn from the debate was;  if ever I thought of any good could come from Joe Biden, I was certainly mistaken. He doesn’t qualify for my foxhole theory.  For those of you who don’t understand the foxhole theory - it’s who you choose or wish to be beside when and if danger ever lurked at your side.  And it confirms my beliefs that I don’t want Obama or Biden re-elected to lie, laugh or whisk across the country side on daytime shows, spending our tax dollars espousing their socialist views.
Kenneth B. Rue