Use paper to foster pride in county

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To the editor:
I find that one of the best ways to learn about your community is by reading the local newspaper, and after moving to Lawrenceburg, my family and I became immediate subscribers.
Week after week I anxiously awaited the arrival of the paper to see what type of entertaining story would be reported on the front page. The Anderson News never disappoints.  
Each edition is brimming with sensational stories of twisted sexual deviance, lewd behavior and animal cruelty, just to name a few. I find myself feeling the need to hide the paper from my children. The reporters and editor are turning us into fodder for the larger news outlets.  Are you intentionally trying to portray the residents of Anderson County in this way? In my mind’s eye, you are doing a stellar job.
This town is full of great people who are working tirelessly to improve our community and make a difference. Let us see more stories of their efforts and reaffirm my belief that I moved my family out of the city and into a smaller town to improve their quality of life.  Use our newspaper to foster a real sense of pride for the residents of Lawrenceburg.
In an ironic twist, last week’s edition of the paper reports a story on The Anderson News winning several awards, among those was being [judged] as the state’s best newspaper for its size by the Kentucky Press Association. Apparently, there are some, other than myself, who appreciate the quality of your reporting.
Leigh Ann Isaac