Wall column did not tell the whole story about a case

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The opinion column of Rebecca Wall (We need to judge this judge, My Word, Feb. 12) set forth her opinion of Judge John David Myles. Her divorce was filed in 2004. The court record of her case shows it was first settled in 2004, before Judge Myles was appointed and subsequently elected. Ms. Wall had several attorneys throughout the pendency of her case and all of whom have apparently withdrawn. After the last attorney withdrew, Ms. Wall mediated her case for a second time and an agreement was reached.
The position of Family Court Judge is difficult and often thankless. Many cases are resolved with both parties leaving the court unhappy, thinking that they should have gotten more - more time with the kids, more support, less maintenance, more maintenance, more property or less property. You cannot cut one pie and divide it between two people who will both receive a whole pie. Ms. Wall's opinion piece illustrates this perfectly. She is unhappy with the result she received. Perhaps she shouldn't have agreed to the settlement in 2004 or the subsequent mediation agreement. In any event she did, and now she is unhappy.
I practice daily in the courts of Shelby, Spencer and Anderson Counties. I appear regularly before Judge Myles. I often litigate cases against other attorneys. If we are unhappy with the result, we know how to appeal. We also know that Judge Myles will not hold it against us if we disagree with his opinion and order.
We don't hate each other when we have clients with opposing positions. We don't hate the judge when he rules in favor of our opponent and against us. This is the process we follow and it is the process of justice. Family Court is the most difficult court for a judge because the stakes for the litigants are so high. We need fair judges and I believe Judge Myles is a fair judge.

John C. Robinson