Wall Street mob playing right into Obama’s hands

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To the editor:
The most recent newsmaker takes place in the Big Apple – protesting Wall Street.
These protesters have taken to the street with the intention of wreaking havoc upon capitalism. When interviewed these concerned citizens seem to agree upon one common thread and that being the 2010 bailouts issued by the United States Government to a tune of $787 billion of our tax money is somehow linked to Hurricane Katrina and former president, George Bush. (Although President Bush does acknowledge that he could have done more at the time of that hurricane, some seem to forget that help and aid could have been there sooner had the governor and mayor opened up the doors and let the federal government intervene before things got so out of hand).
As far what has caused the economic crisis now, I guess they still think Mr. Bush in president emeritus status since January 2008, can mysteriously continue to push buttons and make policies.
The media would like to depict the crowded streets of New York and other cities lined with protesters who have been encouraged by the likes of Michael Moore, Timothy Robbins and Frances Fox Pivens, as similar to the crowds who formed in support of the Tea Party.
Of course the left-leaning media jumps right on board, covering every action quickly joining the fray to report and support their cause. One might think back, what did you see when the Tea Party had concerns? Yep, you guessed it, they made the newscasts portray the Tea Party as a bunch of racists, anti-Americans and terrorists.
The Tea Party movement, as it is called, was formed in part to protest and call for less governmental power, whereas this movement/protest seems to be in support of taking down capitalism. Recently, we saw a video of protesters behaving like zombies mouthing word for word thoughts spewed out by Frances Fox Piven, an activist whose goal has been to change the face of this nation and bring down or collapse our system.
She along with her husband, Richard Cloward, now deceased, promoted social welfare and advocated a reliance on government for all of our needs.In contrast, capitalism is what has made this country a great nation lending support and encouraging those who still have visions of creating goods that in turn give people jobs so that they do not have to rely on the government for their income or needs.
Then there is George Soros, another name remaining behind the scenes funding some of the demonstrations we are seeing, who also has a vision to collapse our economy to enhance his own visions of the world he thinks we should have, even though he and others like him have made their money thanks to capitalism.
Soros and our own government seem to work against us as far as creating jobs, with policies such as giving money to Brazil to drill for oil in the Gulf, though we Americans are not allowed to do it because of environmental constraints they say, then in turn we the taxpayers pay Brazil for the oil and then pay for it a third time at the pumps. Makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it, if we are trying to help this nation stay afloat? And we are redistributing the wealth to whom?
When the president was asked about these protests in the street, he quickly quipped that he “had heard of these demonstrations,” and based on his ideas about redistribution of wealth and how to tax the “fat cats,” one might deduce these anti-capitalistic demonstrations play right into his hand.
What amazes me about him and those who seem to be leading this country down this path they have chosen, is the fact that many of them are in fact the fat cats.
So, now if you’ve worked hard to become a plumber, farmer, banker, grocer, doctor, lawyer – whatever your plight in life — and you are or were somewhat prosperous, paid your taxes, Social Security and been law abiding citizens, be prepared to lose your fortunes in order to combat our country’s economic woes and at some point you may even lose some of the benefits you paid into.
What makes it even harder to accept is the fact that those who are in office get privileges (like their own insurance plan), that we ordinary folks don’t get to enjoy, so they won’t lose anything by some of the policies they are trying to put into place.
Though we don’t begrudge them benefits, it is only fair that we should all be on the same equal playing field as to what we should have or not have because according to some of those elites, we should all have our fair equal share.
We Americans are charitable in our own actions and it should not be mandated by any government or other entity, when and how much we should or should not give – and that especially holds true by this current administration. Our income is our own, taxed in accordance with the law and it is therefore unlawful for anyone to create a utopian society that severs that which was written by our forefathers. And sadly, the division of our society continues to grow, those on the left, those on the right and those caught in the middle to decide what to do and what to make of it all. God help us all if we cannot come up with a solution that benefits us all without infringing on people’s rights meaning: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
May this nation stand as a beacon of hope and continue to be one nation, under God.
Kenneth Rue